Supporting Sustainable Commercial and Residential Development in Historic Downtown Los Angeles.


The Society for the Preservation of Downtown Los Angeles is dedicated to enforcing the highest standards in architecture and urban planning, inspiring best practices to serve the overall public good, promoting green space, and preserving physical and visual access to historic districts and landmarks. As this community of residents, business owners and visitors continues to blossom, our organization strives to preserve the unique and protected architectural gems of Downtown Los Angeles, define a zone of respect for its iconic buildings and landmarks, promote sensible urban planning, and to protect its exceptional culture and history. We call for a thoughtful balance between the past and the present, between the iconic buildings of yesterday and the bold hi-rises of tomorrow. We welcome the kind of development that brings density and prosperity to downtown Los Angeles, while preserving the integrity of its historic landscape.





There is no other neighborhood in Los Angeles as rich with history, as racially and income diverse, as rife with homelessness and yet, so full of magical possibilities.

The Historic Core.  We define it by the landmarks we love, those beauties that drew us here in the first place:  from the Bradbury Building and Grand Central Market to the north, the Ace Hotel to the south, from the Biltmore and Pershing Square to the west and The Old Bank District east.  Our sometimes derelict, often times, majestic slice of urban life needs the passion of those who live, work and play here. 

The Society for the Preservation of Downtown Los Angeles is an organization created to help the city curate this slice of urban life, pushing the city to implement its own Historic Core guidelines.  More than that, we push for the potential of these unique city blocks. We say more street cleaning, more parks, more attention to safety, and more attention to beauty.

High-density development is not the enemy of a historic neighborhood like ours. SP-DTLA celebrates companies who understand and bring vibrancy to the neighborhood including Rising Realty Partners, Gilmore Associates, Sydell Group and many more who find ways to make healthy profits while bringing back our luster.  Modern structures have a place too.  Curating beauty is not monolithic, but neither is it dogmatic.  Somewhere in between, elegance thrives.

Join us.  One day, we will look back and be proud of the great city center we helped preserve and create.  This is, after all, the heart of Los Angeles where the future is made by those who care the most.

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